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Buyers guide to buying a headboard

Did you know that your bed can reveal a lot about your personality? As the most accent piece of furniture in your bedroom, your bed can reveal the following things about you:

  • Introvert or extrovert- a bed with covers and pillows of warm colorful hues like oranges and yellows suggest an extroverted personality, and mild neutral hues like browns and blues suggest an introverted personality
  • Center of attention or a minimalist- bold colors in the bedroom may give the impression that you enjoy being the center of attention, while dull and mild colors may suggest that you are a minimalist
  • Modern or tradition- a bed with a traditional design and color palette suggest that you may be a traditional person while a modern contemporary bedroom space may suggest you have modern taste
  • Planner or spontaneous- a perfectly made bed with zero creases and an organized space suggest that you may be a planner, while a disheveled and chaotic bedroom space may suggest that you are spontaneous by nature
  • Happy or unhappy- research showed that 71 percent of people who make their beds are happy, and 62 percent of people who don’t make their bed are unhappy


Now that you have discovered the amazing personality traits that your bed can reveal, why not go the extra mile and express more of your personality though a unique headboard. The type of headboard you get for your bed has the power to influence the tone and style of your bedroom. If you really think about it, the bedroom is the room that you spend most of your time sleeping and relaxing. Why not make your relaxing area as subtle, bold, or sophisticated as you want? This is a guide on how to find the perfect headboard for your bed, while expressing your personality and taste.


Why buy a headboard?

We all know that a headboard is important because it gives your bed support. But is that all there is to headboards? Headboards are so much more useful to us than we can imagine. Read ahead to find out how a headboard can help to keep cold away from your bedroom. Other benefits of using a headboard include:

Protects your wall from abrasion

Headboards help to protect walls because they minimize the level of contact between you and the wall. If you always support your head against the wall, and your beddings and pillows are always in contact with the wall, the wall may experience wear and tear over time. A headboard will help to keep your wall clean and attractive over time.

Provides comfort

Instead of supporting your back against the wall (an activity that is very uncomfortable), you can use a headboard for extra support. If you like doing activities like reading, using the laptop, and having breakfast in bed, then a headboard will provide you with luxury comfort that will make your time in bed more pleasant.

Keep the cold away

The temperature of your bedroom will determine whether you get a good night’s sleep or not. During winter or cold nights, your bedroom will be cold, and sleeping in direct contact to the wall will not make your room any easier. A headboard on the other hand will shield you from the cold wall by acting as an insulator, and this will enable you to enjoy the warmth of your bed.

Creates a look of luxury

You do not need to break the bank to give your bedroom a look of luxury and ambience. By investing in something like a headboard, you can transform the look of your room completely. An upholstered, metal, wood, or tufted headboard can help you add a personal and original touch to your bedroom.


Types of headboards

There are several types of headboards that you can choose for your bedroom. Our most popular types include:

Upholstered headboards

Upholstered headboards are unique because they are tufted with padding to provide extra comfort when you lean against them. The upholstered bed is quite popular because it usually contains detailing such as nail heads, cording, piping, or tufting. Majority of upholstered headboards have a flat feature, while others may contain wingback edges.

Bookcase headboards

Just as the name suggests bookcase headboards contain shelves and nooks to provide extra storage space for those who like reading books or using tablets in bed. The storage spaces of a bookcase headboard can appear at the front area of the headboard facing the bed, the top of the headboard surface, or on the sides.

Sleigh headboards

A sleigh headboard has a curved feature similar to that of a sleigh. The sleigh headboard tends to curve away from the mattress and most of them and not have extra detailing. For extra comfort and support, you can use a pillow against the headboard to prevent the risk of developing shoulder and back pains.

Slat headboards

A slat headboard features a horizontal or vertical row of materials especially wood or metal. Some versions of slat headboards contain the slats arranged closely together, while in others, they are far spread. The slats which are just a series of rows with gaps between them are a very common type of headboard.

Open frame headboard

If you are looking to add a splash of timelessness to your bedroom the open frame headboards is perfect for you. It is not tufted like its upholstered counterpart, but it contains rounded finials and scroll work designs that will attract attention to your bed.

Panel headboard

The panel headboard has a solid form and provides firm support when leaning against it. Some headboards may contain only one panel, while others may contain several panels. There are vertical and horizontal varieties of panel headboards for you to choose from.


Headboard materials

After selecting the type of headboard you desire for your bed, you will also need to select the material you would want it to be. The most common materials for headboards include:

  • Wood- can be solid, reclaimed, or veneer
  • Metal- can be brass or wrought iron
  • Fabric- can be synthetic, linen, or cotton
  • Leather- can be distressed or soft
  • Plant fibers- can be wicker or rattan


Headboard sizes

Below are the recommended sizes of headboards depending on the type of bed.

Bed size

Headboard width     

Twin size  38 X 75 inches

41 inches

Full size   53 X75 inches

56 inches

Queen size  60 X 80 inches

62 inches

King size  76 X 80 inches

80 inches

California king size  72 X 84 inches

74 inches



How to choose a headboard for your room

When choosing the right headboard for your room, there are several factors you should consider. They include:


The headboard you buy need to match the size of your bed so that it can be the perfect fit. We have provided above the best headboard sizes depending on the size of the bed.


As you have seen above, there are many types of headboards such as wicker, panel, slat, open frame, and upholstered headboards. They are all uniquely designed to suit your taste and style so feel free to express your personality with the headboard you desire the most.


Why do you need a headboard? Is it for comfort or taste of luxury? If you need a headboard that will provide maximum comfort, then a tufted headboard like the upholstered type will be perfect for you. In case you are looking for a headboard that expresses your personality, you can choose the bookcase headboard if you like books, and the wicker or panel headboard if you are into art.


See anything you like? Here at Velvet Headboards we provide high quality headboards for all bed sizes. If you desire services that include fast insured shipping, price match guarantee, available financing, and expert support, then reach out to us and review the headboard options that we have for you.

Give us a call today and let us get you the best headboard for your bed and back.